Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Solution for the media:

Sorry folks, I can't help it ... I have been reading for 4 days about how the mainstream media got their nose pushed in because the Vice President didn't do their job for them. I have developed a sure-fire solution for this problem.

Here are the new rules if an accident like this happens again:

1. If your name is Kennedy, drag yourself out of the water, leave your victim to die, and go home.

2. If your name is Hillary, drag your victim along with the car and do nothing. Don't even check on the condition of your victim:

3. If your name is Cheney:
-- Call ABC
-- Call NBC
-- Call CBS
-- Call CNN
-- Do NOT, under any circumstances call FOX NEWS!!!
-- Go find a computer with a GORE-invented internet account and post your story on all the liberal web sites you can find.

-- ONLY THEN may you get medical assistance for the victim.


Blogger Diana shared these words of wisdom...

If your name is Cheney, have the owner of the ranch be the one who tells the press and why not have her wait 24 hours before talking.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous shared these words of wisdom...

Our "need to know" as Americans has spiraled out of control. If the V.P. would have called an immediate press conference, how would have that bettered the situation? This was an unfortunate accident, that has no bearing on our national security, or the administration's ability to lead the nation. Frankly, if I never heard the story my life would have been unaltered. The simple fact of the matter is that opponents of the Bush administration wait armed to pounce at any potential mis-step.

8:09 PM  

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